Tiyan stray dog problem remains unaddressed; a number of animals already killed or maimed

The number of stray animals on island is on the rise. (PNC file photo)

A local volunteer organization says that the stray dog situation in Tiyan remains unchanged even after officials assured the community that they’d take action.

Late last June, a video clip was circulating around social media of a large pack of dogs in a remote area in Tiyan.

Many residents started voicing their concerns about public safety, with the dogs potentially being dangerous.

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Lelani Puga, one of the admins for the online group Guahan Paws for Pets, tells PNC that they have reached out to the mayors regarding the situation.

Until then, she and the rest of their members have been actively caring for the strays by feeding and checking up on them whenever they could.

However, since the video has gone viral, Puga says the pack is still currently at the site despite reassurance from officials that the situation will be handled.

She said that although Mayors Council President Jesse Alig went on NewsTalk K57 last week to say they have a plan in place, they worry that it won’t be effective.

The plan involves teaming up with the Department of Agriculture to bring the dogs to GAIN.

However, Puga says that GAIN is basically full and cannot accommodate many more dogs.

Puga said that since the video went viral, many of the dogs have been more skittish and afraid than usual.

One pup was already hit and killed by a car yesterday trying to cross the street near Home Depot.

She also said that there have been Department of Agriculture vehicles at the Tiyan location last week doing assessments, which have caused dogs to venture out of that location.

Another one of the group’s admins, Cierra Tamayo, says that because of the publicity and attention centered at the Tiyan pack, all of their rescue efforts have been completely ruined.

She said the dogs are wary of everyone now and have begun to migrate to other areas, for the time being, seeking safer grounds.

Tamayo said that people have infiltrated their contained area and the dogs have become scared of them and two have even been killed or maimed.

Guahan Paws for Pets has already created a petition in hopes of gathering support and awareness to allow them to continue to feed the dogs undisturbed in order to catch, spay and neuter them as well as get them off the streets to be adopted out.

Both Puga and Tamayo say they have also reached out to Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio and his staff who have shown support for their mission and efforts.

They are still awaiting word if they can participate in any meetings where they can be a part of the discussion of working with Adelup to find humane and successful solutions for not only the Tiyan dogs but all stray animals on the island.