Monday Was the Deadline for Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Reports


Guam – The campaign contributions and expenditure reports for all candidates in the general election were due Monday at 5 pm.  PNC took at look at some of the reports filed prior to the deadline. The reports show how much the candidates collected in donations and how much they spent.

Candidates had until 5p.m. Monday to file their campaign expenditures and contributions reports. Guam Election Commission Executive Director John Blas says after Monday they would contact those who missed the filing deadline.”The Guam Election Commission will contact these individuals to remind them because it’s a possible case of forgetting” the deadline.” explained Blas.

PNC News reviewed some of the campaign contribution and expenditure reports. At the time of  our review on Monday afternoon, only a little more than half of the candidates for senate had filed.  The Gubernatorial reports were filed just before 5 pm.

Here is the breakdown of the top 5 spenders in the legislative race for those that had filed.

Gubernitorial Reports:

Gutierrez/Aguon –

raised: $936,348 dollars

spent: $1.4 million dollars.

The Calvo/Tenorio

raised:  $2.1 million

spent:  $2.1 million dollars.

Senatorial Reports:

Frank Blas Jr.-

Raised: $86,364.19

Spent: $86,364.19

Corina Gutierrez Ludwig –

Raised: $66,307

Spent: $73,373.03

Telo Taitague –

Raised: $67, 1921

Spent: $67,249.78

Joe San Agustin –

Raised: $50,907.22

Spent: $52, 996.68

Aline Yamashita –

Raised: $47,755

Spent: $43,586.12

Blas says the majority of candidates wait until the last minute to file and there are often quite a few who don’t file on time.

If the GEC is unable to contact candidates who haven’t filed Blas says the names will be forwarded to the board for action. As for the content of the reports and their accuracy, most of this is based on the honor system. GEC however still reviews their reports. “Of course the Guam Election Commission will need to review the reports and we’re reviewing just to make sure that the documents are complete as well as the information they put there if there are any questions they have of course we’ll bring it up to the candidate,” said Blas.