Today is the deadline for the $500 Ayuda I Mangafa program

DRT Director Dafne Shimizu. (PNC file photo)

Today is the deadline for the Ayuda I Mangafa, Help for Families program. 

The program aims to pay $500 to families who did not qualify for the federal one-time Economic Impact Payments.

It targets families with young adults, students and disabled members who are 17-23 years old and claimed as dependents. 

Dafne Shimizu, the Director for the Department of Rev & Tax, says as of last week, they received around 1,100 applications. 

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“I’m happy to say that 65% of them, over 700, were filed online which is also a great success for us. I think it shows that people are willing to and capable of filing online.”

The program has an overall cap on payouts of $10 million and around two weeks ago, paid out more than $170,000 to over 300 applicants.

Moving forward, the Department of Revenue and Taxation plans to pay out benefits on a weekly basis.

You can find more information on how to apply at the Department of Rev and Tax website or by sending an email to: