Today is the deadline for the $500 Ayuda I Mangafa program

DRT Director Dafne Shimizu said her department had meetings with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to finalize plans and provide the last set of information required by the IRS and the Treasury for EIP round 2. (PNC photo)

Today is the deadline for the Ayuda I Mangafa, Help for Families program. 

The program aims to pay $500 to families who did not qualify for the federal one-time Economic Impact Payments.

It targets families with young adults, students and disabled members who are 17-23 years old and claimed as dependents. 

Dafne Shimizu, the Director for the Department of Rev & Tax, says as of last week, they received around 1,100 applications. 

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“I’m happy to say that 65% of them, over 700, were filed online which is also a great success for us. I think it shows that people are willing to and capable of filing online.”

The program has an overall cap on payouts of $10 million and around two weeks ago, paid out more than $170,000 to over 300 applicants.

Moving forward, the Department of Revenue and Taxation plans to pay out benefits on a weekly basis.

You can find more information on how to apply at the Department of Rev and Tax website or by sending an email to: