Monday Was Deadline for Absentee Ballots for Delegate Race


Guam – Monday was the deadline for absentee ballots for the congressional delegate race. 

The U.S> Department of Justice brought suit and the District Court of Guam ordered that an extension be given for those voting via absentee ballot for the delegate race only. Monday was the last day that the GEC could receive the ballots so any ballots arriving in the mail Tuesday or any day afterward will not be counted.

Blas told PNC News that  his “staff will be making trips to the post office to check on those absentee ballots coming in and more than likely upon confirming with the board we’ll probably do tabulation sometime” Tuesday “at which time the results will be made available to the members as well as the general public at the 4 pm meeting” that is scheduled for Tuesday.

Blas adds that the GEC received about 98 applications for absentee ballots for the delegate race but some people opted to cancel their application.