Todu Guam Foundation Invites Community to Summer Outreach Programs


Todu Guam Foundations is inviting the community to help make a difference on the island by providing your time, talent, and generosity to their outreach programs.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more…

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Todu Guam has four main programs they continue to provide as much as they can.

The Mobile care clinic, their most known service and what they started off with , goes into the community and provides things such as physicals and PPD shots.

In the last 5 years of service, Todu Guam, a non-profit organization, majority funded by private companies has served 5,147 patients and provided the Guam Community access to basic healthcare, education, and support services for free to the underserved and underinsured.

Dr. Delores Lee, Clinical Director of Todu Foundation stated, “Our summer outreaches are focused on providing free physical exams with the purpose of helping the kids meet an entry requirement for school and we’re also providing sports physicals, we want to encourage physical activity, that’s part of prevention, and it also helps kids character and helps develop confidence.”

They also provide prevention outreach programs that encourage positive lifestyle changes through their health care services and their “Let’s Talk” forums.

Moreover, they also provide Patient Navigation & Assistance through their continued specialty care referral services and financial assistance.

This summer their volunteer program is looking for people in high school and in college who are not only interested in the medical field but lending a helping hand to roll out their Getting Guam Healthy goal and their TFGCARES movement.

Dr. Delores Lee, Clinical Director of Todu Foundation stated, “We open this opportunity to all students interested in not just possibly a medical career path but also in a path for social services, maybe you’re interested in being a social worker, or cases manager, and I think it gives you the opportunity to come out into the community with us and see you know how people live and to see the challenges to access to care and see the disparities in person.”

Volunteers would help organize and set up the clinics, along with taking care of patients together with volunteer physicians to provide other services.

Todu Foundation’s goal is to be more consistent with their services because they know the amount of need on the island is incredible, said Todu Foundation’s clinical director Dr. Delores Lee.

Dr. Delores Lee, Clinical Director of Todu Foundation stated, “We cannot do what we do without every single one of our volunteers and every single donor who has given so generously and so kindly to us and we really have this belief that even if we only make that difference for one person in our of our events then we have a made a difference but we have see how incredible the need is in our time in 5 years, we want to continue to expand our services.”

Their next outreach program is scheduled for June 12th and one is tentatively scheduled for june 20th as well as sometime in July and August.

You can message Todu foundation on Instagram and on Facebook if you are interested in being a volunteer.

Althea Engman
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