Tony Babauta Files Candidacy For Congress


Former Assistant Secretary for insular areas Tony Babauta has officially filed his candidacy with the Guam Election Commission this morning.

Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo will have a challenger in the primary election this year.


Former Assistant Secretary for insular areas Tony Babauta has officially filed his candidacy with the Guam Election Commission this morning.

Babauta is also a former staffer for Congresswoman Bordallo and in a release to the media he states in part that “I know it has come as a surprise to some of my fellow Democrats, and Bordallocrats, that I would mount a challenge to her. Trust me, it was a difficult decision to make.” Babauta says with all his experience under Bordallo and others he’s moved “from student to graduate”.



Hafa adai and good morning! Over the past month, I have been talking more and more about entering the race to represent Guam in the U.S. Congress. I’ve been meeting and having conversations with our people, from all over the island and from all walks of life, I’ve listened to their concerns, while at the same time I have shared my background, my sense of purpose and the things that I believe in. As I have moved throughout the island I have been humbled, time and time again, by the encouraging and hopeful words of support that I have received from family, from friends, and from the people that I have met along the way, so today, it is with vision and purpose, that I stand before the people of Guam to once again offer my service to our island… In the race for Delegate to the United States Congress so that I may represent the Island and the people I love! Proud Islander. Federal Experience. pg. 2 I’m no stranger to public service nor to the democratic party of Guam. I had my first break in 1989 working with defunta, Elizabeth Arriola. And since that time have credited my mentors; former Governos, Ricky Bordallo and Carl Gutierrez, former Delegate Robert Underwood, and our incumbent, Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo for having a profound effect on how I’ve served and advocated for our region, in our nation’s capital, and specifically for Guam. From them, I’ve learned values of vision, respecting grassroots, lifting up the poor, caring for our communities, creating opportunities, and understanding the effects of public policy on our daily lives. These values and other lessons learned along my path, especially from my family and close friends, serve as my core. Because one of my mentors is the incumbent Delegate, I know it has come as a surprise to some of my fellow democrats, and Bordallocrats, that I would mount a challenge to her. TRUST ME, it was a difficult decision to make. But since my start with Senator Arriola, through two governors and two delegates, after having proven myself on the Hill and risen to President Obama’s subcabinet, I think I’ve moved from student to graduate. And I am hopeful that my mentors and those who will cast Proud Islander. Federal Experience. pg. 3 their vote in the upcoming democratic primary can rest assured that I will continue a solid tradition of democratic leadership. My generation is stepping-up and we can provide continuity, fresh energy, and a renewed sense of purpose and fight in Washington, D.C. I’ve experienced the best of D.C. and lived through its worst. The pinnacle of serving at the highest level of government and the lows of hand-to-hand combat to preserve my reputation in a tough town. I survived and I’m willing to return. No one has walked the halls of Congress, written policy, or wrestled with the federal bureaucracy like I have and I promise I will fight for you. I’ll fight for equity in government programs for all those things that makes our island better; education, environment, growth in tourism, respect for our culture, language, and traditions. I’ll fight for our military veterans — and I hear you — the nation hears your calls for better treatment after your sacrifices to preserve our freedom. But I’ll do it so that you won’t feel that your years of service are being disrespected, simply because you live on Guam. Proud Islander. Federal Experience. pg. 4 I’m going to join the fight with my fellow national democrats to make going to college something that is affordable to families; especially when a family is being supported by a single parent. And unfunded mandates need to be addressed. Our island can no longer continue to bear the costs that prevent us from providing for our communities. Whether it’s taxes, tax credits, Compact Impact… it doesn’t matter. We need some common sense policies from the United States and a better relationship. And I will never forget — every one of us needs to remember the sacrifices of our elders during World War II. I won’t make any promises when it comes to war claims because I think that issue should have been resolved years ago. I fought for it then, provided testimony on behalf of the Obama Administration in favor of it. I applaud Ms. Bordallo for every effort she has made to resolve this, but she should’ve taken the Senate deal. It’s tough to resurrect a deal that’s no longer there, but I’ll do my best. Manilu-hu, It’s time for us to move forward. It’s time for new leadership. It’s time for a Proud Islander with Federal Experience to be our voice in Washington, DC. I want to be your voice! I Love Guam and I have always stood up for our island; to make it the best place for all whom have made this island their home. I’ll stand up for Guamanians and for my fellow Chamorros, the native people of this land. As a U.S. territory, we will need to continue fighting the good fight to bring justice, equity, and fairness to our shores. We should always seek to make right the historical wrongs but also forge opportunities so that our communities and families can flourish. And I’ll work to no end, from early morning to the dead of night in whatever time zone to make that happen. For nearly twenty years I was a voice advocating for Guam…now, I want to be Guam’s voice in Washington! I want to EARN your vote I want to EARN your Trust and represent YOU. I AM TONY BABAUTA – a Proud Islander with Federal Experience. And I WANT YOUR VOTE! SI YU’US MA’ASE! 


  1. I’m not necessarily going to vote for Babauta but it’s refreshing to know that Congresswoman Bordallo won’t be running unopposed in the primary election. For those who have wondered why Guam’s WW2 survivors are still waiting for war reparations, let me enlighten you. Back in 2009, the U.S. Senate finally agreed that WW2 survivors on Guam would be compensated for their suffering at the hands of the Japanese military . There were 2 senators who were opposed to paying the heirs of Guam war survivors because they were concerned the payments could lead to more war claims in the future versions of the defense budget. The senators offered Bordallo a compromise in they would support the measure “if I agreed to limit claims only to those killed during the war and to those living survivors of the occupation,” she said. But the compromise failed and the Armed Services Committee cut the reparations from the defense bill. The compromise failed because Bordallo without consulting with world war 2 survivors refused to accept this compromise. That’s why there hasn’t been any payments to those who are probably in their 90s now. Congresswoman Bordallo REFUSED TO ACCEPT THIS COMPROMISE. I think people need to remember this when they vote in November. I say enough is enough. It’s time to elect someone other than this woman who let these survivors down by not accepting this compromise. She played hardball with the U.S. Senate and lost. That’s the sad reality. Maybe it’s time for some new blood in Congress. The hardest thing about having a job is knowing when it’s time to step away.

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