Tony Roma’s Server Receives $1K Tip


The customer racked up a $54.13 bill while dining alone on New Year’s day.

Guam – A Tony Roma’s employee got a huge surprise recently when she received a huge tip of $1,000.

“She was shaking, stuttering, like, ‘I don’t know if this is real,'” explains Tony Roma’s Manager Chris Razo. “And then she said, ‘I just got tipped a thousand dollars!’ Of course all of us were freaking out, we were like, ‘Let us see that check we need to see that check.'”

Tony Roma’s manager Chris Razo says the employee, Aickie Velasco, was serving a gentleman who dined alone on New Year’s Day.


As she usually does with all her customers, Razo says Velasco provided the customer with great service. The gentleman, he says, was a doctor who had apparently just got word while he was dining at Tony Roma’s that he passed a recertification exam.


Razo says Velasco even tried to return the tip.


“He was actually still here and she was asking the guy, actually telling him, ‘Are you sure? Isn’t this a little too much?’ But of course, the guy insisted that great service, great food, thank you for the hospitality, you deserve it,” he says.

Razo explains that this is the first time that any Tony Roma’s employee received this much of a tip.


We asked what Velasco ended up doing with the money. “Actually, I have no clue what she did with the money. That’s up to her but I’m pretty sure she spent it wisely,” he said.


Razo says Tony Roma’s trains all of its servers to provide exemplary customer service and he believes Velasco demonstrated that with this customer.