Top Chefs From Korea on Guam to Serve Authentic Korean Food at Westin


The Taste of Hansik will continue for lunch this Friday and Saturday at Taste at the Westin Resort Guam.

Guam – If you’re craving Korean food, head on over to Taste at the Westin for Taste of Hansik.


There are only two more days left to experience authentic Korean dishes at the Westin. The Westin also brought in two top chefs from Korea to bring these authentic Korean dishes to Guam, such as kimchee, kalbi, bulgogi, pajeon, patbinsu and even some Korean street food.

The two chefs are Dave Yun and Chase Kim from the W-Seoul Walkerhill. Joining them is Executive Sous Chef Sean Jung of the Westin Resort. 

“Everything here they cooked with their hands and their love,” says Jung.

“Before they got here they were a little bit nervous of how the locals would react to their cuisine. Since the day we started the promotion, Tuesday up to now we’ve been fully booked with reservations just building up every single day and the feedback. The Korean community and the local comm has been 100 percent wonderful. They love it so,” he adds.

The Taste of Hansik will only be served during lunch Friday and Saturday at Taste at the Westin Resort.