Torre Murder Trial Could be Delayed Again


The prosecution says they are prepared to begin in late June, but the defense is asking to schedule trial sometime after July.

Guam – There could be further delays for the murder trial of former police officer Mark Torre Jr., who’s accused of shooting a comrade, Sgt. Elbert Piolo to death last year July.


A hearing has been scheduled for next week Friday, April 22, to discuss matters that could potentially delay the trial which is expected to commence in June.

The Attorney General’s Office says they will be requesting the FBI to conduct DNA analysis on evidence collected from the crime scene. The parties are also deciding whether a stipulation will be necessary to collect blood samples from Torre for DNA testing as well.

Although the prosecution says they are prepared to go to trial at the end of June, they note that the defense has stated that they may not be ready until after July.

If that’s the case, the AG’s Office is requesting that the trial not be held in August to allow Chief Prosecutor Phil Tydingco to travel to New York for a conference and to enroll his son or daughter into college.




  1. It’s time for Mark Torre Jr. to finally man up and take responsibility for killing Bert Piolo. Piolo’s family needs closure and to continue to plead not guilty is like saying the earth is not round. I’t simply a ridiculous thing to claim. It’s time for Mark to grow a pair and do the right thing.

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