Torres: insulted by minority caucus shaming

Senator Mary Camacho Torres has introduced a bill that would suspend the government of Guam’s requirement to deposit monies into the Rainy Day Fund for Fiscal Year 2020.

Guam – Kick her when she’s down or give her something to aspire to? The plot thickens in the political interval between the 34th and 35th Legislatures.  This, as colleagues appear to sideline another senior member within their ranks.

The Republican Party of Guam and its senatorial caucus proudly announce the following appointments for the elected 35th Legislature, which is set to take the oath in January: Senator Wil Castro: Minority Leader; Senator Louise Muna: Assistant Minority Leader; Senator-Elect Telo Taitague: Minority Whip; Senator-Elect Jim Moylan: Assistant Minority Whip; and Senator Mary Camacho Torres: Minority member.

Torres said she knows she isn’t the Calvo-led GOP’s cup of tea, but she finds the non-designation “Minority member” in a written announcement condescending, demeaning, degrading, and insulting. She said she’d have preferred if the party and the caucus had simply left her name off the list.

Nevertheless, Torres said she would persevere in thinking for herself and in putting people before politics by continuing to introduce legislation that helps everyday folks. During the 34th Legislature, Torres has authored laws that expand the pool of responsible adults who may legally administer critical medications to students at public schools and that makes it safe for mothers to give their children up for better care without being criminally prosecuted.

It’s no secret that former Port Authority General Manager Mary Torres has been at loggerheads with the Calvo Administration ever since she refused to cooperate with the administration’s firing of seven port employees several years ago, when the terminations appeared to her to be politically motivated. As a Republican senator, Torres has since opposed the governor’s bond borrowing plans.

On Tuesday night PNC reported that top senatorial vote-getter and Acting Speaker Therese Terlaje is likely to lose her gavel to incoming Democratic senator Tina Muna Barnes and that inside sources say caucusing Democrats have already completely passed over Terlaje in their hand selection of fellow senators for the top four posts in the next legislature.