Torres to Respicio: No. DOA Is NOT Responsible


Guam – The Governor’s Communication’s Spokesman Troy Torres has responded to Seantor Respicio’s latest blast over which GovGuam Agency is responsible for the implantation of the electronic child support payment law with the following salvo: 

Administration Spokesman Troy Torres:

“Sen. Respicio is obviously confusing the law he wrote with the other portions of the law involving DOA. His letter to the AG and news release questioned why DOA has not set up the electronic funds transfer program mandated by his P.L. 31-95. His public law does not mandate DOA to do any such thing. The mandate is for the Attorney General’s Office. He should know this. He authored the mandate.”  

The exchange began Monday with the issuance by Respicio of a release calling on Guam Attorney General Lenny Rapadas to “compel” the Department of Administration “to implement the electronic child support payment law.”

Manglona responded Wednesday with a release of her own saying that “the Child Support Division is under the Office of the Attorney General of Guam – not the Department of Administration,” and she admonishes the Senator to raise the issue of enforcement with the AG.

Today, Thursday, Respicio fired back with a statement asserting that “DOA IS responsible.”

He cited the Judgement and Proceeds section of the law which states:

“‘Any proceeds of judgments or settlements shall be deposited in the General Fund.’ [Administered by the Department of Administration].”

The release quotes the Senator as saying: “It’s disappointing that Ms. Manglona has decided to avoid responsibility for the past year while Public Law 31-95 has been in effect.”

Senator Respicio says he has raised concerns about the issue because “no progress has been made to make sure that child support payments are processed electronically in a timely manner for the families that depend on them.”