GEC: Number of Registered Voters Continues to Decline


Guam- The total number of registered voters is still being tallied, but as of October 21st, the Guam Election Commission says nearly 51 thousand people have registered for the General Election. So how does that compare to previous gubernatorial election years?

Based on GEC’s history of voter participation, 55,311 voters registered for the 2006 General Election with a 73% voter turnout rate. The preliminary data for this year’s General Election also shows that more voters still registered for the 2002 gubernatorial election which recorded 61,052 registrations at a 74% voter turnout rate.

Executive Director John Blas says he can’t speculate on those comparisons to the 2010 General Election registrations, but adds GEC will officially find out how it stacks up to other election years by Thursday or Friday.

Meanwhile, the GEC Board of Directors will be meeting this Thursday, October 28 at 4 pm to continue discussions on preparing for the General Election.