Senator Barnes Urges Governor & Congresswoman to Convince DHS That China & Russia Should Be Included in Visa Waiver


Guam – Senator Tina Rose Muña Barnes, who chair’s the Legislature’s Committee on Tourism, urged Governor Calvo and Congresswoman Bordallo to “maintain” the pursuit to get Homeland Security to include China and Russia in a visa waiver program for Guam.

In a release, Senator Barnes states:

“Gas prices are rising, tourism numbers are falling and everyday, people are working harder, earning less, and paying more.  With a nearly 30% drop in visitor arrivals from Japan expected in the short-term, our economy may soon force people out of work and into welfare.  A China Russia Visa Waiver Program is critical to our economy and it is the surest way to keep our economy strong.”

“Homeland Security’s role in this matter is to help execute Congressional statute 110-229. I urge the Governor of Guam and our Congresswoman to maintain our pursuit of a revised Homeland Security rule in its final form.  As long as we know what is required of us, Guam can meet the challenges which have prevented this program’s implementation.”