Tourism-related businesses discounting prices due to visitor downturn

The SandCastle was approved for federal aid. (PNC file photo)

With revenue dropping and tourist cancellations mounting, local business managers are coming up with different ways to keep revenue dollars flowing.

And because of this, now is a good time to be a tourist in your own island.

You’ve probably already seen circulating advertisements, for discounted hotel deals, shows, attractions, and restaurant specials.

With the massive drop in tourists, businesses on Guam are targetting local residents and military personnel, as they scramble to make up lost income.

Among those drastically price-dropping is the SandCastle’s Zubrick Magic Show which is in its last month here on island.

That show would usually run you $70 to $100 dollars per ticket, but now you can scoop those up for $16 to $25 dollars.

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Mark Baldyga, the owner of SandCastle and the Baldyga Group of Companies, told PNC that he’s always thankful to locals who have been supportive over the years.

“This is, in 30 years of business, the lowest prices we’ve had and the lowest prices you’ll see,” Baldyga said.

But Baldyga, like many others in the tourism community, knows the bounce-back will take time.

“I hope that by the summer, June, would be nice … July is more probable. March is going to be tough, April is going to be extremely tough for a lot of charters that have canceled. Up until now, a lot of people couldn’t get refunds, so they had to come in the end of February and beginning of March, or lose their deposits,” Baldyga said.

“Starting in April, they haven’t made their bookings yet, so April is going to be pretty tough … maybe twice as tough as March is my guess. May hopefully we start to recover, by June, I’m hoping that it starts to stabilize or people become rather more familiar,” he added.

Baldyga says their discounted show prices will be on until the end of March and possibly longer, depending on the extent of the coronavirus impact.

Among other deals trickling in, you’ll find room specials at hotels like the Hilton. The Ride the Ducks Land and Sea tour is nearly 50% off as is the Big Sunset Dinner Cruise.

Local stores like K-Mart are also offering discounts.