Despite Promises, Traffic Light at Deadly Wusstig Road Intersection Still Not Working


Guam- The traffic signal systems at the Route 1 and Wusstig Road intersection were supposed to be completed and energized by Monday. However, the yellow blinking lights tell a different story.

The project does include Guam’s first flashing yellow arrow left turn signal light, but the green and red lights for the intersection do not appear to be fully functional since Monday afternoon. The new signal systems are installed at the Route 1 Wusstig Road intersection and the Route 1 Chalan Lujana intersection. The project took more than a year of work. In that time period, 4 lives were lost due to deadly traffic accidents in that area. It has cost over $796 thousand dollars to complete the project, which came from the Federal Highway Administration. The work was done by GEMCCO.

As of news time, no one from the Department of Public Works (DPW) nor the Guam Transportation Center could tell PNC why the lights were not fully functional.