VIDEO: Transition Report EDUCATION: Lack of Funding, But Innovative Solutions


Guam – The Transition Subcommittee for Education submitted their suggestions to the Calvo Administration after receiving input from Guam Community College, The Department of Education, Guam Public Library System, PBS Guam, and the University of Guam.

READ the Education Sub-Committee Report

The Committee Chaired by UOG President Dr Robert Underwood determined that the Calvo Administration would encounter the following six challenges relating to education in the next four years.

#1 Inadequate revenue/allotments not issued in a timely manner.
#2 Slow and inconsistent process of procurement.
#3 Information and Planning Connected with the Military Buildup
#4 Boards should function as Boards
#5 Recruitment and Retention
#6 Federal and local mandates must be followed, but have no funding source

The TSE offered a number of recommendations to meet each individual challenge and identified innovative areas and collaborative ventures that envision a new Education Future.  Several Initiatives for the first, third and fourth years of the Administration were also suggested.

The full report and the Subcommittees suggestions can be read here.