Transition Team Sets Application Deadline; Selection Process Winding Down


Guam – Residents who want to serve the people of Guam in any board or commission, or in the Calvo Tenorio cabinet must submit their application by December 15.  The deadline was announced today by incoming Chief of Staff Frank Arriola.

“We are looking for the best and the brightest out there.  Though the transition team has gotten an overwhelming response to this opportunity, it is important we give everyone the chance to be considered,” Chief of Staff Frank Arriola said.  “This is a renewed call to serve our island and our people.”

Applications can be downloaded at the official transition website:  Complete submissions should include a resume, police and court clearances.  Packets can be dropped off at the transition team’s office in Maite.

“Important decisions will be made in the next four years—decisions that will affect even the next generation.  I’m asking the people of Guam to give this opportunity some serious thought.  If you’re ready, willing, and able to take our island to its greatest heights, please put your name into consideration.”