Treasurer of Guam: “The Checks Are in the Mail!” Remaining 57-Thousand Refund Checks Mailed Out


Guam – The Treasurer of Guam, Rosita Fejeran, told PNC News this morning that the remaining 57-thousand refund checks were mailed out this morning to the the more than 34-thousand Guam taxpayers who decided not to wait in line.

Fejeran says that most of those taxpayers should get their checks by Wednesday.

About 83-thousand checks were printed for more than 40-thousand island residents. Many received multiple checks because they were owed for more than 1 tax year.

This past Friday and Saturday about 49-thousand checks were handed out.

Fejeran says it cost $15,309 dollars to mail out all the checks today and bond proceeds were used to cover that amount.