Trench Events completes 2 of 8 Quarantine Challenges

Guam’s Michael Ajimine winner of the male “Super Plank Hold” with a time of 1min and 10.98 secs.

Trench Events Guam finished off two of their planned eight Virtual Home Quarantine challenges.  Trench Events Guam wrapped up the first two of it’s 8 Quarantine challenge events over the weekend.  With the Dead Hang and the Superman Plank Hold events.  With Derric Aguilar and Erika Camacho from Guam winning the Dead Hang along with Saipan’s Dexter Tenorio.  Guam’s Rochlle Concepcion And Michael Ajimine winning the Superman Plank Hold. Click Video for the full story. 

Plus a special message posted on Guam’s FB page. From former JFK Islander basketball player, and former Oklahoma Sooner.  NBA Portland Trailblazers Head coach Terry Stotts.

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