Tri-Intersection Traffic Pattern Changes TODAY


Guam – The traffic pattern at the Tri-intersection will change Wednesday and the Department of Public Works is urging motorists to pay close attention to the new traffic pattern.

This is a short-term shift that is needed to set up for the major shift of traffic toward Tiyan in the coming weeks.

The traffic shift will be implemented between 10 am and 2 pm Wednesday.

Drivers on the northern end of the construction zone on Route 16 will be shifted onto the newly placed concrete pavement fronting Tiyan for a short distance. They will then be shifted back to the existing roadway upon leaving the construction area.

Drivers are urged to slow down and proceed with caution. Traffic controls will be in place but delays and increased travel time should be anticipated while traveling in this area. All businesses will remain open and are accessible to vehicular traffic during construction.

DPW is also asking drivers to continue to comply with the “do not block emergency access” sign in front of the Barrigada fire station when waiting for the traffic signal to change.