Trial for Linda’s riot begins


While opening statements were delivered for the three men accused in the Linda’s Coffee Shop riot, one of the men also involved, Enricky Duenas, pleaded guilty today and is expected to testify against the other three men. 

Guam – 33-year-old Duenas entered a guilty plea for the charge of aggravated assault as a second-degree felony earlier today, and is now a witness for the prosecution. He may testify against the three co-defendants, Christian Medina, Jovin Santos, and Liberty Concepcion, all of whom pleaded not guilty to the charges.

In his opening statement, prosecutor Tom Newman told the jury they needed to determine whether or not the use of violence was justified. In response, defense attorney David Lujan argued that Medina, Santos, and Concepcion did not instigate the fight and that they were defending themselves. “The evidence will show that if there was a fight, it was instigated by other people. And if punches were thrown, it was in the heat of battle and also in defending,” Lujan stated. “You’re going to say that the best evidence shall be the tapes and the pictures because they don’t lie. Lips lie, but the pictures don’t.”

Lined up to take the witness stand are Guam Police Department officers and investigators, Enricky Duenas and Richard Ragadio who entered plea agreements with the government, and employees of the café. Meanwhile, Duenas’s sentencing hearing is scheduled to take place on March 9 to give time for the trial to conclude.