Triple J Auto Group and SPPC Donate two LPG Vehicles and Fuel.


Two new $25,000 fuel efficient vans and free fuel donated to two Guam non-profits in the name of a good cause.


Guam– Triple J Ford and the South Pacific Petroleum Corportation have donated two Ford LPG Transit Connect vans.  LPG is liquified petroleum gas, known as propane or butane and used as a means for alternative fueling.  One van was donated to Harvest House Foster Care and the other to GCA Trades Academy on a complimentary two year lease from Triple J and 1 year of LPG fuel service from SPPC. The LPG Vehicles are the first of their type on Guam. These types of vehicles produce a smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional fuels.

Harvest House is a non-profit organization that provides help to over 200 foster children on Guam. They plan to use the van donation for transit to continue their efforts to serve the foster community with donations and possibly provide transit for foster children in the future. 

The GCA Trades Academy is a non-profit, non- government organization that conducts training in construction and maintenance trades. They plan to use the van to load tools and material for their youth outreach programs. Triple J President Jay Jones shared the intent of the partnership for the community.

President of Triple J Enterprises, Jay Jones, says that their company holds a value in helping the community in the same nature of Guam’s generous business community. He shared that they could have easily kept the vehicles for the company to utilize but found it to be best to give back to these non-profit organizations, while also adding to the launch of the fuel efficient LPG vehicles and LPG alternative fuel options.

The LPG vehicles are exclusive to this donation and not available to the public yet but Triple J is open to discussion.  The LPG Fuel station is located at the the SPPC Ocean Vista Service station and have the capability to be installed anywhere.