Triple J Enterprises Joins Fight Against Cancer with 8th Annual 5K Family Fun Run/Walk

Triple J

Guam – Triple J Enterprises signed the Guam Cancer Care’s Join the Fight Pledge this morning.

As Triple J joined the fight against cancer, they named Guam Cancer Care as the beneficiary of their 8th Annual 5K Family Fun Run/Walk, which is themed “These Colors Run”. The run will be the island’s first run of colors event and it will signify the different cancer awareness colors. 

President Jeff Jones feels that signing the pledge is a great opportunity for Triple J to give back to Guam. 

“All of us have been affected by cancer in some way. I’m sure that in your lives, you know somebody that has died of cancer or have survived cancer. Our family is no different. We’re very glad to be involved and we’re happy that we can use this 5K as an opportunity to raise awareness and raise funds for Guam Cancer Care,” said Jones. 

Guam Cancer Care Executive Director Terry Cuabo said, “It’s a community effort. One thing I can think of as a slogan for this collaborative effort is…it’s one island, one cause, one fight and we need our community to stand together against cancer and I truly appreciate Triple J for supporting the fight.” 

The ‘JOIN THE FIGHT’ pledge is a way for us to raise cancer awareness in our community and educate our members about screening guidelines and prevention efforts. The 8th Annual Triple J 5K Family Fun Run/Walk will be held this Saturday. For more information, visit Triple J Auto Group on Facebook.