Triple J Unveils New Electric Car


The fully electric KIA EV6 does not use any gas and is powered by Blink EV charging.

Besides its sleek design, speed, and acceleration; PNC gets to know other features about the KIA EV6 with the Senior Vice President of Triple J–Jay Jones.

Jay Jones said, “This vehicle is designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle so it has a lot more room in the car is the one thing a lot of people will notice because the battery is in the floor and you don’t have the engine in the passenger compartment.”

He added, “You know we saw this one, you can pull in and out of the parking space by itself. So if you’re in a tight jam– we’ve all been in that situation, you come back to your car there’s barely any room to fit, this can pull the car out so you can get in it without ever touching the car, just with the key fob.”

The electric car ranging around $50,000 and does not need any oil changes or maintenance that a gas-operated vehicle would need which means the cost of ownership is significantly lower.

James Rosenberg–Director of Business Development for Blink, gave details on how far the car could go on a full charge.

Rosenberg told PNC, “If we’re talking about the charge, the 74-hour kilowatt battery in this vehicle here will get about 310 miles of range.”

Currently, there is one charging station located at Triple J, but Rosenberg assures us that there will be more on the island. 

He said, “We’re probably looking to have about 25 chargers here before the end of the year. And honestly within the next two to three years maybe a 100 or so on the island.”

To check out the new KIA EV6, visit the Triple J showroom at Upper Tumon from Mondays to Saturdays 8 am – 6 pm and Sundays 12 pm – 5 pm.

You can contact them at 671-648-2277.

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