Tropical Disturbance about 1,400 Miles Away from Guam


NWS says this systems may affect the Marianas this weekend, but it’s too soon to give detailed information.

Guam – The National Weather Service is paying close attention to a tropical disturbance in the West Pacific. According to NWS Lead Forecaster Clynt Simpson, the location of the disturbance as of 2:15PM (CHST) was at about 12.1N 166E–about 1431 miles away from Guam.


 In it’s special weather statement from earlier today, NWS writes that currently this circulation is heading towards the west, and is expected to move towards west or west-northwest today through  Friday, while gaining strength. By this weekend, the disturbance can possibly become a tropical storm and head in a more northwest direction.

 NWS writes in it’s Area Forecast Discussion, “The northern circulation has become dominant due to it’s substantially higher convection,” and as a result islands on the South side of the system may not be greatly impacted by the passing circulation. The Weather Service did not mention specific islands that will be impacted by the possible tropical storm, as the system is still in it’s developing stages, but warns residents in the Marianas to stay informed.