Tropical Storm Chan-Hom Hard to Predict But Headed in General Direction of Marianas


Five Systems Are Interacting With Each Other Three Are in Micronesia

Guam-There are five systems interacting with each other that the National Weather Service is monitoring. Three of the systems are in Micronesia. One has turned into Tropical Storm Chan-Hom and it’s headed towards the Marianas.


 “We are looking at a Saturday time frame. Could be earlier Saturday morning could be Saturday evening but generally on Saturday it could speed up or slow down,” said NWS Forecaster Derrick Williams. Williams says that by Friday night we could begin to see a lot of rain. Also, because the five other systems are creating so many different variables the intensity and track of tropical storm Chan-Hom is hard to forecast. “Right now we expect it to be a minimal typhoon and the current forecast track has it passing just South of Guam as a minimal typhoon at about 80 miles per hour,” said Williams.

 However Williams says this track will likely change as the storm could pass anywhere within the Marianas. “Basically Guam to Saipan and really the whole Marianas is under a threat of something from this storm so that’s what we want to get across.” At the very least Chan-Hom will have tropical storm strength winds when it passes through the Marianas but again the exact intensity and track is difficult to predict.


 Williams says now is the time to begin preparing for the possibility of a typhoon whether or not we get typhoon strength winds he says we will get a lot of rain and some windy weather.