Tropical Storm Phanphone to pass North of Guam and Saipan


Tropical Storm Phanphone to miss Guam & Saipan

Guam – Yesterday’s tropical depression is now tropical storm Phanphone. Although it’s now a tropical storm Phanphone is not expected to hit Guam.


 According to National Weather Service Forecaster Mike Middlebrook the storm is still on track to pass North of Guam and Saipan. He says it hasn’t strengthened much since yesterday as the winds are 40 to 46 miles per hour. Pagan and Alamagan will see the bulk of these winds with Saipan and Tinian getting some low end tropical storm conditions. “For us it means we’ll get some rain mainly light to moderate rain. I’m not expecting a lot of heavy showers at least not in the next day,” said Middlebrook. The NWS forecaster says that the storm should pass over Anatahan at 1am or 2am Wednesday morning and he says we should expect heavier rains after Wednesday.