TSA Commends Heroic Actions of Guam Based Employee Gary Myers


Guam – The Transportation Security Administration recognized Guam TSA employee Gary Myers Thursday for his heroism in saving the life of a woman last month.

Myers is a decorated U.S. Navy war veteran and a TSA Explosives Specialist stationed at the Guam International Airport. But his act of heroism occurred at his apartment, last month just before he was about to report to work.

It was 2:30am. March 18th. He heard the screams of a woman outside his apartment. He went to investigate and witnessed a woman being choked by a man he later learned was her husband.

Myers pulled the woman’s husband away from her and both men fell down a stairwell during the ensuing scuffle.

Myers later managed to escort the woman to his apartment, while his girlfriend called the police. The husband returned and tried to force his way into Myers’ apartment. But Myers was able to physically restrain the man until the police arrived.

The TSA’s Federal Security Director Brian Cahill flew in to Guam for the ceremony.  TSA employees and Guam Police were on hand. Cahill presented Myers with a plaque proclaiming him a hero for his actions.