Tsunami Waves Cause Guam Subs to Break Free From Pier


Guam – Joint Region Marianas reports that at 8 pm Friday evening , as a series of 6 tsunami waves passed by Guam, the USS Houston (SSN 713) and USS City of Corpus Christi (SSN 705) mooring lines broke free from the pier at Alpha wharf at Naval Base Guam.

A release said the cause was “due to the tsunami wave.”

The release states that tug boats from Naval Base Guam responded quickly to the situation and safely moored both submarines. USS Frank Cable (AS 40) moored at Alpha wharf and USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) remained safely moored throughout the tsunami event.

Local and Federal authorities have been notified.

The U.S. Coast Guard Friday night had advised all vessels to “sortie” out of the Harbor.

Navy Spokesperson Coleen San Nicolas Perez told PNC News Friday night that the subs did not leave the Harbor.