Tuesdays with Morrie play debuts Thursday


Guam – The newly formed Breaking Wave Theatre company is producing a play on the bestselling book by Mitch Albom called “Tuesdays with Morrie.”

The play’s gala opening is this Thursday at the Guam Reef Hotel. Tickets are $80 per person for the gala which comes with dinner. Play director and actor Jefferson Cronin says the play and book is based on a true story of sports media personality Mitch Albom who reconnected with an old sociology professor who was dying of ALS.

“And so, Mitch reconnects with him and ends up going back to see him every Tuesday until he dies. And so, they talk. And Mitch at this point is kind of rudderless even though he’s very successful in his career he’s kind of rudderless and Morrie helps him sort of get back on track. And they have this great friendship this beautiful friendship it started out as student and mentor when Mitch was in college and it evolved into this great friendship and so that’s the story we see on stage,” said Cronin adding, “It’s a brand new theatre company. CJ Ochoco is the producer and these are mostly UOG theatre grads who have put this company together there are like 8 or 10 of them and they want this to become an institution on Guam and they’re committed not just the theatre part but also community outreach and social work and they see theatre as a way to help people and especially young people troubled young people and that sort of thing.”

Again, the gala showing of “Tuesdays With Morrie” is this Thursday at 6pm at the Reef hotel. There is a Friday and Saturday showing at 7pm and a Sunday showing at 2pm. Tickets for Friday Saturday and Sunday are $15 a person.