Tumon like a ghost town; but a few are still out

GVB Safety Patrol Officer Tana Meafou is still on patrol but there aren't many people to look out for.

The sidewalks throughout Tumon are virtually empty, traffic is minimal and the island’s number one tourist attraction — Tumon Bay beach — is far from full.

GVB Safety Patrol Officer Tana Meafou is still on patrol but there aren’t many people to look out for.

“Have you ever seen it this bare?” PNC asked.

No. It’s like really a ghost beach right now, yeah,” Meafou answered.

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Some local residents, however, took the opportunity to venture out and enjoyed the breezy weather and beauty of the bay. They had it all, almost alone, virtually to themselves.

Ramsey Ramiro, from Chalan Pago, said: Everybody, I guess, is staying home because of the coronavirus. But not me. I believe that the Lord is in control and whatever happens, happens,” Ramiro said.

Lorili Kane, another local resident, added: “Maybe the good that can be seen from this is that it’s giving many people time with their families. First of all. Time to slow down and reflect on what is really important in life. For that. To look at the positive instead of stay in the fear is kind of what I’m trying to focus on.”

Along San Vitores Road, normally crowded with tourists, few could be found.

Lika Fukaya, a Japanese tourist, said: “The covid virus COVID-19 is particularly a serious disease only for the elderly people. We are very young so we don’t think its need to think about it very seriously.”

Ramiro added: “Everyone else is gone. It’s a beautiful time to enjoy the beach, huh? God is in control.”