Tumon Sands Plaza holds Mid-Autumn Festival

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Last Friday; pop-up shops, entertainment, mooncakes, and pastries were at the Tumon Sands Plaza for the Mooncake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival.

The festival usually happens when the moon is at its fullest and celebrates life and good fortune.

The Mooncake Festival is the last event in conjunction with the Remembering Saigon: From Vietnam to Guam exhibit, which closes on September 15th.

PNC had a chance to interview Maximo Ronquillo–Board President of the Guam Philharmonic about the celebration and its meaning.

Ronquillo Jr. said, “During that time (the Chinese occupying Vietnam), a lot of Chinese culture and traditions passed down to the Vietnamese and so one thing that lasted throughout the ages and including the fall of Saigon with and the current government communist if you wish. They still recognize this Mooncake Festival as one of their major holidays in Vietnam.”

The Guam Philharmonic Foundation supports the award-winning Tumon Bay Youth Orchestra, which hosted Miss Saigon. Ronquillo urges any youth interested in auditioning in the performing arts to join the Tumon Bay Youth Orchestra.

Ronquillo said, “We are still receiving auditions. If there’s any youth aged 25 and under that would like to be part of this award-winning team, we’d love to have you. If you saw Miss Saigon this past weekend, 85% of that orchestra is the Tumon Bay Youth Orchestra.”

For more information, check out the Guam Philharmonic on Instagram at @guamphilharmonic, their website at guamphilharmonic.org, and the Remembering Saigon exhibit located at the Tumon Sands Plaza until September 15th.

Reach reporter Jannette Samson: jannette@spbguam.com