Turtle Freed from Fishing Line by UOG Students


Guam – University of Guam students Paula Lozada, Ciemon Caballes, and Roxie Diaz recently saved a turtle that had gotten tangled up in an abandoned fishing net. They came across the turtle as they were surveying Tumon Bay corals and fish as part of their work on Guam’s long-term coral reef monitoring program.


Marine Lab Director Laurie Raymundo reminds everyone that pollution does hurt our marine environment and the creatures that inhabit it. “The person who left the fishing net probably didn’t intend to kill a turtle, but that would have happened had not our students come to the resuce,” she said. “This image serves as a reminder to all of us to treat our ocean with respect and to refrain from disposing of trash or litter in our oceans.”

Diaz and Lozada are students in Raymundo’s lab at the UOG Marine Lab, doing work on coral conservation.  They also are working under Dave Burdick, who is the coordinator of the Bureau of Statistics and Plans monitoring program, as part of a cooperative effort that supports UOG students and provides local managers with additional human resources to do the monitoring work. Ciemon Caballes has finished his degree at UOG, but is pursuing additional training experience under Marine Lab Professor Peter Schupp.