VIDEO: Twency Luku Tells Police Murder Victim Attacked Him First


Guam – The Guam Police Department has arrested Twency Luku and charged him with murder aggravated assault and attempted murder after a stabbing that occurred Sunday night along the back road in Yigo. Luku has been charged with murdering one of the victims and aggravated assault on another victim who survived the attack.


READ the Magistrates report HERE [Luku is 6th one down]

Guam Police Department Public Information Officer A.J. Balajadia says that at 8:45 p.m. GPD received a call about an injured person in Yigo along Rt. 15 or the back road to Andersen. “When they arrived up there they found that the medics had already transported and were conducting CPR on a male adult victim who had received stab wounds and when the victim was taken to GMH he was actually pronounced dead on arrival,” said Balajadia.

According to the magistrates complaint that victim has been identified as Fonuk Anderson. Police found Anderson lying on his back suffering from a stab wound to his chest and another one to his back. Officers then discovered a second victim identified as Carlos Kosam along the roadway of Chalan Okso Familian Fanatanon. Kosam had been stabbed in the back. Kosam survived his attack after being transported to GMH. After interviewing witnesses police detectives arrested Twency Luku. They found Twency at home appearing freshly showered. Twency consented to a search and officers recovered a yellow t-shirt with what appeared to be human blood stains. Twency also showed detectives the knife that he had used to stab both men.

 “About an hour or an hour and a half later after the initial call detectives picked up the suspect and charged him with,” said Officer Balajadia saying, “murder attempted murder possession of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony hindering apprehension disorderly conduct public intoxication aggravated assault and reckless conduct he was booked and confined.”

 Twency told the officer that he had gotten into a disagreement with Anderson. He told officers that Anderson threw a tire iron at him and then attacked him. In the scuffle that ensued Twency pulled out a knife and stabbed Anderson twice. He then ran westbound on Rt. 15 until he came across two men Carlos Kosam and Axel Dackaralu who were sitting on the corner of the roadway drinking. Although Twency had never met the men before he told officers that he was still enraged from his altercation with Anderson. He asked the two where they were from. They responded that they were from Chuuk. Twency then attacked them stabbing Kosam in the back while Dackaralu managed to flee.

 Officer Balajadia says that officers will step up their efforts to curb public intoxication and the consumption of alcohol in places like bus stops. “We’ll definitely be increasing patrols and looking out for things like that to discourage any public intoxication and incidents of violence,” said Balajadia. GMH nursing supervisor Bill Toves told PNC that the 27 year old stabbing victim identified as Carlos Kosam is in stable condition.