Twitter Account Takes Responsibility for 3 Out of 8 Bomb Threats Tuesday; GDOE Confirms 3 Were Automated Messages


“I’m not scared of the Guam police. They can’t catch me. I’m not in your country.” – Evacuators2K16

Guam – The rash of bomb threats continued today(Tues). Today there were 8 reported bomb threats bringing the total to 23 bomb threats this month.


 The trend has been written bomb threats on various walls within school campuses however today that trend changed slightly as at least three of the 8 threats were called in. In addition to this an account on twitter called Evacuators2k16 is taking credit for calling in the bomb threats to Okkodo, JFK, and Inarajan.


 It was one bomb threat after another at various local schools in the past couple of weeks. However, there seems to be a new trend this week: multiple bomb threats at different schools in a day.

 It started with Southern High School again this morning at around 8:20 am. Today’s bomb threat is the sixth bomb threat for Southern High this month. Not even an hour later, another bomb threat was reported at Inarajan Middle School. That makes three for IMS in just a couple of weeks. Then at about the same time, Tiyan High School evacuated their campus due to another bomb threat.

 THS Principal Sophie Duenas says, “We got a picture of a teacher took at about 9:30 am threatening of a bomb threat for today.”

 The all clear was given at 11 am and students were able to return to their classes. However, Principal Sophie Duenas says they will be taking security measures at the school. Duenas explains, “Well we have the writing of the student, we will be investigating through student sample works. It’s only going to mean something to students if they know there are consequences to this and I hope we follow through with it. We will follow protocol instructed by the Superintendent. We will implement mesh bags, tighten protocol and student activities will be limited. There will be major accountability of all our students.

 According to Guam Police Department Spokesman Officer Paul Tapao, a second bomb threat was reported at Southern High. This afternoon Oceanview Middle School, JFK High School and Okkodo High School followed with reports of bomb threats and a second one was reported at Inarajan Middle School.

 However, someone new is taking responsibility for calling in threats to Okkodo, JFK and Inarajan Middle School. Guam Department of Education Acting Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson confirms that all three of those bomb threats were called in and the suspect left an automated message.

 A Twitter account named Evacuators2K16 has taken responsibility for calling in threats to Okkodo, JFK & Inarajan Middle School. This is different than the threats that have been written on walls. The Twitter account claims to be an international group made up of six adult individuals. One post claims one of the individuals is from Bosnia. The account is threatening to continue bomb threats and says “The Guam schools won’t stop me” and “I’m not scared of the Guam police. They can’t catch me. I’m not in your country.”