Two-Day Long Emergency Sessions Wrap Up and Pass 3 Bills

Emergency Session March 2023
Sen. Chris Barnett

After two days of back and forth emergency sessions, lawmakers deliberated on three bills that aim to help with the state, repair and maintenance of GDOE schools.

The legislature passed all three measures last night with 14 votes. 

Now, the much needed repairs and health and safety compliances of Guam’s public schools might be coming sooner than later.

It all lies in the hands of Governor Lou Leon Guerrero to sign the bills into law. Lawmakers are asking her to swiftly sign the three measures. 

If enacted, bill 29 would move the compliance schedule on Public Health’s Rules and Regulations for School Sanitation from July 2024 to the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

Bill 46 would expedite the procurement protest process for purchases GDOE makes with federal funds. 

Lastly, bill 32 would appropriate $20 million in funding from fiscal year 2023 and $10 million from  fiscal year 2024 revenues to GDOE. These funds can be used to meet school safety, sanitation and education requirements, including the hiring of skilled workers and the purchase of equipment and supplies.

“We did our job, from 14 days ago- 2 weeks, we got three bills passed to take care of the emergency situation at the Guam public school system,” said Senator Jesse Lujan. “We ask you now Governor, this will be transmitted to you, we are hoping and praying that you would immediately sign these three bills,”

In an interview with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo, Sen. Chris Duenas made a comment on the passing of the three bills. 

“We voted on them last night and they should be up at the Governor’s office, maybe last night or first thing this morning and we hope she signs them all. I mean I don’t see why not. They all passed unanimously and, you know, compromises were made and I think that they’re exactly what DOE needs to move forward.”

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