VIDEO: Two Day Training Addresses Abuse in Lives of Persons With Disabilities


Guam – Advocates against violence gathered at the Hyatt Regency Guam today learn how to address domestic and sexual violence in the lives of persons with disabilities.

Today was day one of the two day training event hosted by the Guam Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence.

The Guam Police Department is among participants in the training event.

“The Guam Police Department currently doesn’t have any protocols or policies in place to deal with victims of sexual assault and domestic violence who have disabilities,” said GPD Captain Steve Ignacio. “Our policies are very generalized to all victims so through this conference we hope to learn to deal with victims that have disabilities and how we may better serve them as victims.”

Ignacio says the conference is helping the department see how they can partner with other agencies to better serve persons with disabilities.

“Currently if a person has a disability they might not be able to speak and they may need sign language interpreter,” he explained. “We may not need to hire somebody but we just have to network and work with interpreters that we can call on who can assist us with a victim of that type of disability.”

Blue Tower training director Shirley Pacely is leading most of the presentations with the help of Partner Abuse Intervention Program Administrator Teresa Tudor.