Two Separate Meth Related Arrests Made at a Traffic Stop

Guam Police Department (PNC file photo)

More on Crime – Last week -Two separate meth related arrests were made following a simple traffic stop.

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Two individuals, Tierra Jehnae Montinola Bamba and Rodney Charles Sapp Jr., were arrested in separate meth related cases yesterday, June 23rd.

According to the Official Magistrate’s Report for Rodney Sapp, patrol officers observed Sapp’s vehicle driving in front of them with a non-functioning license plate light and expired registration — prompting a traffic stop.

Sapp did not pull over for the officers and continued down West Santa Barbara Avenue in Dededo — disobeying stop signs — then eventually pulled over.

According to court documents — before officers could ask any questions — Sapp Jr. stated, “It’s only because I didn’t have any driver’s license sir.”

Officers observed a clear glass pipe with white frosty and black burnt residue in the vehicle — which a field test concluded that the substance in the pipe was methamphetamine.

On the same day but in Agana, officers attempted to pull over Tierra Bamba for expired registration, a partially painted over rear license plate, a cracked tail light, and wobbling tire — prompting officers to sound their siren.

According to court documents, Bamba then made an illegal turn down a one way lane, climbed the curb with her truck, and proceeded down another one way before stopping in front of the Bank of Hawaii.

When officers approached Bamba, they observed her hands visibly shaking and noted that she appeared nervous.

Court documents further report that — from a search through Bamba’s truck — officers found a rolled-up dollar bill that they note is common paraphernalia for snorting drugs.

They also found a clear glass pipe with dark stains of suspected residue, numerous pills that Bamba described as “Xanax bars” and “Percocet” pills, and a clear baggie containing a crystalline substance of suspected methamphetamine.

A field test concluded that the crystalline substance was meth.

Bamba admitted she had smoked methamphetamine in the early morning hours but stated that, on a scale from 1-10 on how high she felt, she was a 3 to 4.

Sapp Jr. has been charged for Possession of a Schedule Two Controlled Substance as a Third Degree Felony and Eluding a Police Officer as a Misdemeanor.

Bamba has been arrested for 2 counts of possession of a schedule two substance as a 3rd degree felony, possession of a schedule four substance as a 3rd degree felony, and driving while impaired as a misdemeanor.

Both of these cases are closed and have been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for Prosecution.

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