Two Units Trip Offline and Cause Outages Around Island


Perez says that the Aggreko fast track generators that were brought on island to help supplement the island power system are currently being installed in Yigo and should be done by the end of the month. 

Guam – Last night, most of the island experienced rolling blackouts, the first forced outages in a month, this time it was due to two combustion units that tripped offline, with one of the units still down.





Art Perez, GPA public information officer, says that Temes CT unit no. 7, one of the two units that tripped offline last night, is still under maintenance while the Yigo CT unit is fully repaired. Perez says he does not have a timetable as to when the downed unit will be repaired however, he says GPA does not expect any more forced outages despite the fact that one unit is still down.




“Well the Yigo combustion unit is back online they made some repairs to bring that unit, I don’t expect any other forced outages to occur with that particular unit, but if it does well make sure we update PNC and K57 for their viewers and listeners,” said Perez.