Typhoon Bopha: “Strict Curfew” in Effect in Koror, Palau


Palau –  The following email comes from Reg Bennett of BlueSky Traders who was able to make 2 phone calls and recieved 1 email from Palau about damage from Typhoon Bopha.

“I was able to make two phone calls to Palau this morning – power is out across the entire country. But for those with a generator or a rotary phone – the phones do appear to work. I spoke with relatives at Palau Pacific Resort – they reported no damage to the resort. I was able to also speak to my wifes family – they said the storm was very strong, but they are all fine. Koror still maintains a strict curfew – so everyone is required to stay put.”

“There are still concerns for the states on eastern Babeldoab. I heard rumor there were evacuations last night after a strong storm surge flooded low lying villages in Ngchesar, Melekeok, Ngiwal and Ngaraard.”

“As the typhoon travelled south – real concerns were for low lying Peliliu and Anguar. I received my one and only e-mail from Palau today. It was from a friend in Peliliu. They received a good deal of damage – from the pictures it could have been much worst.”

“I believe there will be many, many stories of grief and there will be many in need. But there is a lot be be hopeful for.”

Reg Bennett

[Photos courtesy OCEANIA TV : click HERE to view their website]