Typhoon Lan poses no threat to Marianas but heavy rains cause flooding and power outages


    The tropical storm near Palau is now Typhoon Lan. Although it poses no threat to Guam it could generate some large swells to add to the rainy weather Guam has been getting. Rain that has already resulted in some power outages and flooding.

    “Well we’ve been watching a developing typhoon near Koror and yap state and its lifting north over the Philippine sea and but we have the monsoon trough that’s extending across the Marianas and is keeping a pretty strong southwest flow and a lot of moisture in the area and that is what has been causing all the rainfall,” said NWS Meteorologist Brandon Aydlett.

    Typhoon Lan is not a threat to Guam but it could cause some hazardous surf in the next few days and together with the monsoon trough it will add to the bad weather in the region. Something Guam has been getting a lot of over the past 36 hours.

    “In the past 36 hours we’ve seen quite a considerable amount of rain across the island. Just across Guam we’ve seen anywhere from three to seven inches. Sinajana is showing about seven inches for the past 36 hours so since early Tuesday morning here at the weather service we’ve had almost five inches of rain. So, there’s a pretty good variability but all of Guam has been quite wet,” said NWS Meteorologist Brandon Aydlett.

    In fact, several areas have been flooded. One lane of marine drive near the Polaris Point was so flooded it like a running river on the road.

    The bad weather has resulted in several power outages in pockets. According to GPA the weather caused outages in parts of Wusstig road in Yigo, Dero Road in Ordot, Santa Cruz in Chalan Pago, Agat and Manenngon, Yona were without power last night(Tues). Line crews were sent out to the villages to clear vegetation off lines and restore power to those villages.

    But it’s not just Guam that is getting drenched. Other parts of the Marianas have received anywhere from 4-6 inches of rain.

    In addition to typhoon Lan and the monsoon trough another weak circulation is forming east of Saipan but it too is not expected to be a real threat. It could however cause more rain. “We are watching a secondary circulation. A circulation that is near Saipan and the models show it moving across Saipan and we could see a little bit of development off to the east of the Marianas over the next couple of days. And so that could affect some of our local weather before it moves up to the North and out of the region on Sunday,” said Aydlett.