Typhoon Maysak Killed Five People in Chuuk


Still a Lot of Unkowns as Communication Has Been Difficult

Guam – FSM public information officer Marz Akapito is reporting that five people have died in Chuuk state due to typhoon Maysak.


 Akapito said via a radio broadcast that was posted online yesterday that four people were killed on Weno and one was killed in the Mortlock Islands of Chuuk state. Akapito says there are still a lot of unknowns as people and personnelle are trying to get a full grasp of the extent of the damage. Typhoon Maysak knocked out power and telephone systems making communication difficult.

 Akapito says an early response team from the FSM national government is being put together comprised of the Office of Environment and Emergency Management the Department of Health and the National Police. In addition the FSS Independence is on it’s way from Phonepei with bottled water and medical supplies. Akapito says it was scheduled to leave early this morning from Phonepei where it will go first to the islands of Nama Pis and Losap in the Mortolocks. Will then go to Weno and on to the Northwest islands. 

FSM President Manny Mori and Chuuk Governor Johnson Elimo have been in contact with one another and are working out the logistics of declaring a state of emergency first at the state level and then at the national level. Yesterday FSM Consul General Robert Ruecho told PNC that he was able to speak briefly with one individual at Chuuk’s weather office who told him that about 80 percent of the houses on Weno are damaged. These are primarily wood and tin structures.

 Meanwhile, National Weather Service Forecaster Derrick Williams tells PNC the eye of typhoon Maysak passed directly over Weno which is the main island and capitol of Chuuk state. Williams says the typhoon had sustained winds of 75-80 miles per hour. “Caused quite a bit of damage we’re still kind of assessing the damage reports that are coming in. Communication is a bit sketchy. Relief efforts are currently under way in the nation. They got hit pretty hard with a minimal typhoon,” said Williams.

 Senator Mike San Nicolas is accepting donations for relief efforts to help those who may have been affected by typhoon Maysak.