U.S Coast Guard Honored with Legislative Certificate


Another government agency was recognized—Yesterday, the United States Coast Guard – Guam Sector was honored with a legislative certificate for its efforts in providing humanitarian relief to people throughout the islands of the Micronesia Pacific Region.

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As Senator Tina Rose Muña Barnes introduced certificate 119-36, she fittingly presented the honor to the U.S. Coast Guard with other distinguished guests, including community members of Ulithi.

At the presentation was former Senator Carlotta Leon Guerrero, who tandemly serves as the Governor’s Chief Advisor for military and regional affairs and Executive Director of the Ayuda Foundation, who has worked closely with the U.S. coast Guars and Ulithi for years.

She commended the Vice Speaker for recognizing the U.S. Coast Guard, as she says, has been instrumental in the foundation’s annual projects–as they have sent essential commodities to Ulithi, ranging from medicine and dental chairs to rain gutters.

On behalf of Ulithi, Executive Director Mario and Community Leader John Rumal of the Ulithi Falalop Community Action Program expressed their gratitude to members of the U.S. Coast Guard with heartfelt speeches and the highest form of traditional gifts from Ulithi made by its women.

Mario said, “On behalf of the chiefs, our chiefs, the chiefs of Ulithi and the people of Ulithi, and the outer islands of the FSM for that matter, I want to thank you, Captain Simmons, and the many men and women that serve under your command.”

John Rumal added, “So, on behalf of a very grateful outer island of Yap and Ulithi, we want to present this machi to you.”

After warmly accepting the gifts from members of Ulithi, U.S. Coast Guard, Captain Simmons said, “I just wanna say it is a tremendous honor and a blessing to be here with the community today, to receive this gift, the highest form of gift that could come from the Ulithi community.”

Simmon added, “It is a recognition of the ties between the coast guard and our island community.”

Destiny Cruz, PNC News First.

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