U.S. Fish & Wildlife is Proposing Adding 23 Endangered Species in Guam And CNMI


Several of These Species Are Found No Where Else in The World

Guam – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing placing 23 species of plants and animals in Guam and the CNMI under the endangered species act.


 As part of this U.S. Fish and Wildlife has re-opened their comment period on their proposal to protect these species. Out of their list several species are endemic that is they are only found on Guam or the CNMI. For example the hedyotis megalantha called paudedo in Chamorro is a plant only found on Guam.

 There are three animals that are only found in the Marianas for example the Guam tree snail or partula radioalata called the akaleha in Chamorro is only found on Guam, the Rota blue damselfly or ischnura luta is only found on Rota and the Langford’s tree snail or partula langfordi also called akaleha in Chamorro is only found on Aguiguan.

 So what’s causing these 23 species to become endangered? According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife there are numerous factors like habitat loss due to development, competition with nonnative or invasive species, predation by nonnative or invasive animals, climate change, ordnance and live fire from military training and recreational vehicles.

 Public meetings about these proposed endangered species will be held on Guam on January 27th from 5-8pm at UOG’s Leon Guerrero school of business and public administration building multi-purpose room 129. In Saipan on January 28th from 5-8pm in their multi-purpose center in Susupe. In Rota on January 29th from 6-8pm at the Sinapalo elementary school cafeteria. In Tinian on January 31st from 9-11am at the Tinian elementary school cafeteria in San Jose village.


 The public will be allowed to review and comment on these proposed endangered species and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife will take these public comments into consideration. The public comment period will close on February 14th.