U.S> Military Supports Ukrainian Struggle


Russian President Vladimir Putin has put nuclear weapons on high alert, saying it was a response to quote “aggressive statements” from members of NATO and tough financial sanctions.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story…

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Jen Psaki, Press Secretary of the White House, has stated in a news conference earlier that the United States has not changed its alert status when it comes to nuclear warfare.

She comments that though both the US and Russia have had many disagreements over the years both have stated that nuclear warfare would cause drastic harm and devastating consequences and that nuclear war could never be won nor fought.

Psaki has confirmed that the United States is the largest provider of assistance to Ukraine. They have provided an additional 350 million dollars in military assistance to help the front lines. This package is expected to arrive within the next few days.

Included with this the United States is the single largest provider in humanitarian assistance. This form of help can be considered short term to help alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity. There has been dispatched to Ukraine a disaster assistance response team to help lead the humanitarian assistance effort.

The assistance the United States has provided is still in development and more updates will be given as the news arrives.

PNC reached out to the Guam National Guard for a comment, and they report that there is no change in their statement. According to Guam National Guard Public Information Officer Mark Scott, the Guard are staying “focused on their missions-at-hand, which includes training readiness for whatever comes their way.”