U.S.PACOM: Futenma Relocation Was Delinked From Guam Military Buildup


The U.S. Pacific Command has sent a statement to clarify statements made by PACOM Commander Admiral Harry Harris that suggested that the buildup could be delayed by the Futenma relocation.

Guam – U.S. Pacific Command has released a statement clarifying that the Futenma relocation and Guam Military buildup have been delinked.



 PACOM Commander Admiral Harry Harris told Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo during a hearing that the Guam buildup could be affected by the delays of the relocation of the Futenma air base in Okinawa. Specifically when asked by Bordallo if Guam would be affected by the Futenma delays Admiral Harris replied “It would only be affected, perhaps, in terms of timing.”

Today(Fri.) U.S. Pacific Command Spokesman U.S. Air Force Captain Cody Chiles sent PNC a statement to “correct the record”. The PACOM statement reads:


“In 2012, the U.S. and Japan governments delinked progress on the Futenma replacement facility from Marines moving from Okinawa to Guam–the movement of marines to Guam continues to move forward. The U.S. and Japan are committed to moving forward with all elements in the realignment road map” During the hearing Admiral Harris did not specify whether or not the Futenma relocation was in fact delinked. In fact the Admiral told the Congresswoman that “I’d have to defer to the marine corps on that.”