Umatac residents still ‘in shock’ after murder of former mayor

The small and peaceful village of Umatac was jolted over the weekend by the grisly murder of its former mayor. (PNC file photo)

Umatac residents are still in shock after the murder of their former mayor over the weekend.

According to current Umatac Mayor Johnny Quinata, Umatac residents are shocked that this violent murder of former mayor Daniel Sanchez happened in their small and peaceful community.

Quinata told PNC after Wednesday’s Mayors Council meeting how he found out about the murder and how the community is still talking about the incident.

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“The brother’s wife called me. Then, he called me. I was still sleeping. They called me and they told me. I didn’t know that there was a homicide in Umatac. We were all surprised. Everybody is still freaking out. I went to the rosary last night and everybody was still talking about it. Still, nobody believes that he is gone,” Quinata said.

He added: “The people were all surprised and they are still in shock. It was so quiet that Easter Day when that happened. Everybody agreed, it was just a surprise for the people of Umatac.”

Quinata also sent his condolences to the Sanchez family. “I just want to let them know — be strong. He was a very good mayor.”

He also asked the people of Umatac to move on and stay strong.

The former mayor was found on April 3, Saturday, at approximately 6:13 pm after GPD officers assigned to the Agat Precinct reported to a residence located in Umatac in response to a welfare check.

Two people have already been arrested in connection with the death of Sanchez.

Rudy Fegurgur Quinata and Joyner Scott Sked, both Umatac residents, were arrested by police and charged with murder.

Mayors Council of Guam executive director Angel Sablan said the former mayor was a popular and well-loved member of the community.

Sablan said the Mayors Council will have a special ceremony on the day of his burial.