Umpire Academy




GUAM – Ever wonder when watching a baseball or softball game how the officials do it, are they correct, or even ask yourself when watching the game, “I can do a better job than that Blue.”  Well, that time is now. Guam Amateur Baseball Umpires Association (GABA) is calling all umpires with as little as zero experience to 30+ years officiating experience to join for the upcoming Masters, Amateur, Wood Bat Leagues, High School Baseball, youth leagues and Fast Pitch Softball seasons. In the next 12 months over 250 GABA games will be played which requires a solid team of umpires to officiate them.  Did we mention that you get “Paid” to be a baseball official!! Earn extra money as an adult baseball/softball league umpire, stay involved in the community by becoming an umpire official. 


“Making instantaneous, decisions, resolve conflicts, and deal with the rigors and pressure of the game. You are in a position to be a positive role model around children and young adults. Taking the challenge of umpiring can also provide some great personal rewards. We look forward to having anyone interested in becoming an umpire come out,” states Bill Bennett, a senior Guam Umpire. Bennett continues; “Baseball officials must be able to bring control to chaos; understand fairness; promote safety and encourage good sportsmanship. An umpire must have the positive characteristics of a police officer, lawyer, judge, accountant, reporter, athletic and diplomat. If you are ready to start enjoying officiating then certified training is a step you must take.”


Become a Certified Baseball/Softball Umpire. GABA will be hosting three day certification training for baseball/softball umpires in October. Day 1 – Monday, October 26, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm  and Day 2 – Tuesday, October 27, 6:00 pm-10:00 pm, at the office of Senator Tina Muna Barnes, Guam Legislative Building in Agana. Day 3, on-field training Sunday, November 1st. 2:00 pm –5:00 pm at Okkodo High School Baseball Field. Anyone interested in umpiring for Guam Baseball and Softball should attend the three day course. Course fee of $10.00 is required for both returning officials as well as new members. Snacks and beverages will be provided on Day 1 & 2 of the course. 


GABA Chief Umpire Trainer John Howe will lead the training; “Game umpires need a strong knowledge of the rules and nuances of the game, the ability to handle emotional players and occasionally coaches and parents. A love of the game is an essential tool for umpires, excellent eyesight and being in generally good physical condition, including having the stamina to stand and squat for long periods of time.”  


Guam Amateur Baseball Association hosts two seasons of Adult and Youth Baseball and Softball Leagues during the year with over 250 games accommodating 50 teams.  Games are typically played in the evenings and on weekends.