Underwood blasts San Nicolas ‘post office excuse,’ no effort to return to Guam

Former Guam Delegate and UOG President Robert Underwood (file photo)

Candidate for Congress Dr. Robert Underwood has criticized incumbent Guam Delegate Michael San Nicolas for “issuing more advice for others to follow” instead of checking on the people of Guam himself.

“Last night, he issued another reason why he is not coming back to Guam. This time it was the Post Office Bill excuse. Delegate San Nicolas is using any excuse to not return to Guam,” Underwood said in a statement released today responding to San Nicolas’ decision to stay in Washington for a vote on the Post Office Bill.

Underwood pointed out that San Nicolas himself admits he can’t participate in that vote.  “For weeks, we heard that he was staying behind to protect Guam in a second relief package that was never finalized. Just like most of the Members of Congress, he could have been home with his people,” Underwood said.

Instead, Underwood said San Nicolas chose to watch leaders negotiate a package that never materialized, “and now he is using a vote he can’t participate in to stay in Washington DC.”

In Speaker Pelosi’s message to the Members of the House, she asked that the members hold a press event on Tuesday in a local post office to dramatize the need to protect the Post Office.

“Of course, San Nicolas could not honor that request since he was not in Guam. Gregorio “Kilili” Sablan of the CNMI is at home and he posted that he will not return for a “one-day” session. He also noted that if he could vote, he would take advantage of voting by proxy. It is refreshing to see a Member of Congress want to be with their people in the middle of a crisis. San Nicolas is the only territorial delegate that remains in Washington DC,” Underwood said.

He added: “I don’t know what the Delegate is afraid of. Is it the people of Guam or questions from the media? It is time to come home.”