Underwood questions delegate’s FEC filings; San Nicolas says there’s no missing money


Candidate for Congress Robert Underwood today issued a news release saying Delegate Michael San Nicolas’ recent filings with the Federal Election Commission may offer an explanation “on why the House Committee on Ethics added additional charges to the original ethics investigation against the Guam Delegate.”

According to Underwood, in San Nicolas’s April 15, 2020 filing of Federal Election Commission Report for the first quarter, San Nicolas reported he had $53,888 cash on hand in his campaign account.

On June 21, 2020, according to Underwood, San Nicolas filed an amendment restating he only had $11,976 on hand “with no explanation or additional details about the missing money or reduction of $41,912.00.”

Underwood called on San Nicolas to explain the amendment and address what he called “the serious nature of the Committee of Ethics investigation.”

“The Federal Election Commission filings were due on July 15 for quarter ending June 30, 2020. Both Mike San Nicolas and I filed a report, Wil Castro says he filed, as well. What caught my attention,” says Underwood, “were San Nicolas’ earlier reports. The June 21, 2020 report creates even more unanswered questions.”

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Responding to Underwood, San Nicolas issued the following statement: “There is no missing money. We continue to work with the FEC to correct filing errors by previous staff after they are reconciled, and will continue doing so as needed. Robert Underwoods’ speculations are nothing more than drama to distract from the fact that he has yet to say what he actually has to offer the people of Guam.”